Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring Fever!

How is it March tomorrow?! This year is zooming by & still haven't been given a job.

I will be the first to admit this is one of my crappier designs. I found some 3D Butterflies I got from the Poundshop a while back & wanted to have a quick play before doing my nails tonight.

I'm not the biggest fan of 3D art, but I'll try anything once. The reason I'm doing a Blog Post for this rather shoddy Nail Art, is purely because I'm in love!

Not bad for a Quid, eh?

Please forgive me, like I said, it was a REALLY quick play about. The Butterflies are so cute though. I prefer the middle finger just because of the size of the butterfly, I think they look better smaller.

So just a quick little post. I'm planning on something else tonight, so keep your eyes peeled.

One last thing, Thankyou to YOU for viewing my little blog. This is just a little hobby of mine, & to see so much traffic starting to come through is a huge ego boost. So whether you are a follower, or just passing through. You've made me smile.


  1. Love these! I love how you've thought to make a "background" for the butterflies to be on, rather than just painting your nails one colour then sticking them on. I think these look gorgeous! X

  2. Haha cute, I got the same butterflies from Poundland. Adorable manicure :))