Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Zebra foils.

When I got my Rio UV extension kit I was quite excited that I got FREE foils with it. I love freebies! I'd already tried a cheapy version from Sainsburys in my Polka Dot Challenge so was quite interested to compare the quality between the two.

You get three designs for free, a polka dot, rainbow gradient & Zebra. Considering it is the week of the animal print in our challenge, I went for Zebra, borrowing a friends nails to do so. (I spent bloody ages on my fish tail, I wasn't getting it off for foils!)

As I've said before, I do think foils are cheating a little bit, you don't get the same satisfaction of completely a project. These foils were unfortunately quite difficult to apply. They're a lot thicker than the Sainsburys ones, so putting them on took about as much effort as painting them on free hand!

As you can see, I had trouble getting the excess off. I think I nearly tore away my friends cuticles trying to get it shaped, the problem was, it was very easy to end up tearing what was supposedly stuck fast to the nail.

Don't get me wrong, I love Rio. They're affordable (says the girl whos Rio products were all bought for her) & a great way to get you introduced to the world of Nail Art, but I can see why these foils were freebies. I've seen good reviews of their actual kit you can buy, so these have not put me off the brand just yet. Pity I have to wait 'til June for my Birthday!

On a separate note, We made a lightbox! Sadly I'm still using my phone for the photos, so the quality of the photos are still pretty shoddy, & I can get close-ups to focus, but I can see the difference in the lighting. My boyfriend has an awesome camera, but, ironically, despite my previous electronics employment, I'm a jinx when it comes to technology. It all breaks on me, so I'm banned from the pretty camera. Might give my Mother a little hint & see if she has any hand-me-downs I can 'borrow' I love hand me downs.

We're getting all our stuff back from the old flat today, I'm dreading it. On the plus side, I know I have a lot of make-up & Nail Varnish to come back. Wish me luck that it's still usable, & I don't lose my temper with boxes!

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