Saturday, 9 February 2013

Challenge 7 - Animal Print

Hi Girls!

So it's the SEVENTH week of the challenge! How are we seven weeks in already?! This weeks theme is animal print. I did have ideas of doing a white tiger face on my accent nail, with stripes on top of a gradient on the remaining fingers. However, when I first got into Nail Art, the first design that made me think "Hang on, I really like this!" Was leopard print. This was my attempt last summer:

It's very basic, but I was so pleased with myself back then.

I had to use the same idea for this challenge. Can you feel Nostalgic only six months later?

Anyway, I want to play around with half moons. Sadly, I don't how any of those hole punch reinforcers so I had to go freehand.

I'd like to think I've definitely improved with my technique. I used a non branded Black from the 99P shop as my base. I then painted on Barry M Gold foil. I used Barry M Mushroom for the spots, using a dotting tool. I finished with using a cocktail stick to go round the spots & a Barry M topcoat to finish. 

Six months ago, there was no way I would have even tried something like this, so yay me. I would have used different colours, but I wanted them similar so I could compare. 

I have so many ideas for what I want to do throughout the week. Too many, as I can't decide what I want to do first. I've discovered some new amazing Blogs, & they're all so talented. 

I really love the Blogging world!

Catch you Laters,


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