Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It all started with The Big Bang... BANG!

Hi Girls!

So, I've been watching a lot of The Big Bang Theory recently. I think this is maybe my third time starting from the first episode again. I absolutely love it, & I totally feel like a genius after watching an episode. I can now explain Shrodingers Cat to anyone I meet.

I love Galaxy nails. They're so pretty, & as I've said before, as long as you've got a sponge handy & a small collection of colours, anyone can do this manicure. The 99p shop do a huge bag of make-up sponges which I cut up & they last forever.

I actually did two designs tonight.

The first I went for a more Blue and Purple theme. I wasn't too chuffed with them, though looking at the image now, I quite like the middle finger. My dotting tool wasn't in reaching distance, so being lazy, I just used cocktail sticks. 50p for 200 in Wilkinsons you can't go wrong. Before I got my brush set for Christmas I relied on them, & I still like having them in my nail area as they're so versatile.

It was still quite early, so I took these off & did my second design:

I went for an Orange & yellow theme this time, & I probably put a little bit more effort into these to make them neater. I really need to use a decent camera for my photos, as my phone does not do well in  low light. I think these look much more beautiful in person.

For both of these manicures, I used Sally Hanson - Navy Baby as my base colour. I would list the other polishes I use, but I have about twenty scattering my nail area right now, & I don't know which ones made the final cut or not.

I really need to tidy up the whole area. I'm planning on doing a blog post about my little spot in the living room. I've got the perfect girly set up, I adore it. I just don't keep it as organised as I'd like.

For a while, my photos will not be including my thumb. When I first started doing the extensions, I didn't put the thumb one on straight, underestimating the strength of the glue, I just pulled it off, splitting the nail. I redid it, but I knocked it the other day & it came off. My poor thumb is in a poor state, so I'm giving it time to heal.

I'm looking forward to this weekends challenge too. I have a couple of ideas I want to try & Megans nails will once again feature.

Catch you Laters,



  1. Wow love these nails so pretty!!

    Love Emily xx

  2. I love these nails, they're fab! I don't know how you do so much with such long talons though! ;)

    Btw I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog post!