Saturday, 2 February 2013

Challenge 6 - Yellow Nails

Hi Girls!

Back again for another challenge, this time, yellow. I had two different ideas for this one, so I've done both of them.

The first one I wanted to try after seeing it on another blog, however I'm not sure which one, so apologies.

I started by doing a yellow/orange gradient, & then used the nail art pen to draw the outlines.

I'm quite annoyed with these. I had been practising to try and get the flames right,& I was really getting there, but when it came to doing them on nails, they did not go how I wanted, & I ended up cleaning them off not long after taking the photo.
 My Brother bought me some 'Fingers' for Christmas, & I have pre-glued nails which I get from the 99p shop. It saves me from have to practice on my own nails & ruining them from nail polish remover.

These were a few of my practice runs, I think they look a lot better than what I ended up with, albeit still not perfect. 

My second attempt, was what I originally wanted to play with.Bees! I love Bees. They scare the crap out of me if they manage to get near me. I just don't understand how they work. They should not be able to lift off & hover. After watching The |Bee Movie, I fell in love even more.

Poor Bee, ended up with weird stripes & eyes. I was getting a bit sleepy, so was lazy  freehanded the stripes instead of waiting for them to dry & use tape. 
I used some rhinestones from the 99p shop for the trail. As you can tell, this took about 5 minutes, but it's still quite eye catching. I have named him Gilbert.

So these are my two attempt for this weeks challenge. I have a few ideas of things I want to play with, so I'm quite excited about that. I'm spending a lot of time applying for any job I can find. It's hard finding something which doesn't need experience though, so wish me luck!
Catch you laters,



  1. Gilbert is really cute and those flames are AWESOME! You're so creative.

    P.S Those fingers creep me out a little!

  2. Love the bee! I love the little trail of gems too, I think thats better and more unique than doing a bee on every single nail. Great use of yellow! I'm still unsure of what to do... my current nails are still looking alright so I'll keep them on another day or two! X