Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Challenge 8 - Green Nails.

Hi, Girls!

Better late than never, I haven't been in the mood to sit down & do my nails, hence the late post, Thank God it's a week between challenges.

This week is GREEN! I will be the first to admit I have a pretty immature sense of humour. The first thing I said to the boyfriend was "Green? DRUGS!" I meant it as a joke, but he told me to give it a go.

I was quite excited, but as it turns out, impossible for me to do free hand & make pretty. It looked pretty dull just having a green marijuana leaf, so I wanted to put glitter on it. Made a mess, looked awful. Eventually, I gave up & went for the rhinestone effect on the accent nail.

I promised you before that I would still post manis that go wrong, & this one is definitely included in that. Whilst it looks nothing like a marijuana leaf, it's still green. I am quite impressed with myself regarding the taping on the other nails. I have a love hate relationship with tape, I never get smooth lines, but this time it hasn't gone bad at all.

I really wish I had a polish that was the same colour as the rhinestones, so it didn't look even more odd. Still, you live & learn, & I've had enough of green now.

Just a final note...Don't do drugs, kids.

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  1. I hear you about the striping tape, I always end up with it anywhere but where I want it. Love the green stones too