Thursday, 7 February 2013

P.S I Love You

Hi Girls!

It's 0300hrs & guess who can't sleep! I hate nights like these, I'm exhausted but sleep still evades me. What is a girl to do, other than paint her nails.

A lot of manicures going round the past few days have been going with the Valentines Day theme, so I thought I'd have a play.

I'm not happy with this, but thought I'd share anyway. It was basically an 'Oooh, I remember I have rhinestones, let me play' moment. I am planning on doing a 'proper' mani, but this is the results of insomnia Nail Art!

A complete girly manicure. I wanted to practice free handing hearts for design I end up with for Valentines Day. Easier than I thought.

I just need to figure our a final design. Although we're staying in for Valentines, & my lovely Boyfriend will not notice what my nails look like, I still want them to look the part.

Any suggestions?


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