Saturday, 23 February 2013

Poundland doesn't always get it right.

Hi Girls!

This was supposed to be my next challenge Mani, delicate print. I have no plates which you could call delicate print, & not too confident in free hand yet. Poundland had some Nail Wraps which a delicate print on, so I went for it.

I've had good experience with their products so I was quite excited to try these out. I wasn't really a fan of the colours, but for a quid, You can't expect to much.
As with all wraps I did my base coat, Then applied them.

First of all, whilst there is no-where that states these are for kids, the sizes are TINY! I have ridiculously small finger nails. Honestly, I know a 12 year old whos nails are larger than mine. I used the huge thumb one for my accent finger, & that only just fit.

Secondly, These are no wraps, they are huge glorified stickers that don't actual stick. They are so thick, That my normal file wouldn't touch them. I dug out the one with extra back bone, & that barely worked. As you can see, I gave up. They're not filed down nicely, & they don't stick down. I put a top coat on, hoping that will help, but  nope. I now have to come up with a free hand delicate print design pronto.

Bad, bad Poundland. Do not waste a quid on these. Buy yourself a lovely Sally Hansen polish instead.

Whilst I'm on a bit of a moaning post, as you can tell from the photos, my hands are DRY! I never usually have this problem, not to this level anyway. Yes it's been cold, but it has only become a problem since I changed hand & cuticle moisturiser.

I don't actually know this brand, but I saw it in Sainsburys on deal after Christmas, so thought I'd give it a go. It smells gorgeous, & I thought it did wonders for the first few days, but look at my poor skin!
Will definitely be trying something else.

That ceases my moaning. It's the last day of Ripleys Kittens on the kitten cam, which makes me sad,so I'm going to be watching whilst figuring out what the hell to do for this weeks Challenge!


  1. I think I might do little tiny dotted flowers for delicate ... I know it's not strictly delicate PRINT but it's kind of a delicate design, and like you said, I don't have any delicate print stamps (or any at all) and can't freehand really intricate designs :(

  2. I use this handcream now too, it's great. Jergens is my favourite body moisturiser too, you should try their cocoa butter body lotion, you'll never go back to anything else. I've been using it for over a year, smells amazing! :D
    Lovely wraps too! I found a pretty design once in a pound store x