Friday, 1 February 2013

Poundland Perfection.

Hi Girls!

I've spoken a lot about my recent love for Sally Hanson after buying a few from poundland. I won a couple of quid on a scratch card, & because we were not in dire need of milk, I quickly popped in for a browse.
I've never been a snob, but I loathe buying beauty products at such a cheap price. You get what you pay for after all. However, after discovering how good the SH was, I treated myself. There were no new SH shades, so ended up with Outdoor Girl in Blue  a confetti-like polish from Chit Chat. I've never heard of either brand, but decided to give them a go.

 Outdoor girl 

Believe it or not, this was ONE coat. (excuse my poor thumb, I've somehow managed to crack the nail. I will fix tomorrow) It dried so quickly I hadn't even put a top coat on. It's quite holographic, which doesn't convey as well using the camera on my phone. I would have easily paid more for this.

Chit Chat

I went over with the Chit Chat polish. This was a couple of coats, & sadly this one does not dry quickly. In fact twenty minutes later, the thumb has come off,  the four remaining fingers feel quite tacky. If I spent more time doing it, & putting a decent top coat on, I think I'd have better luck with keeping the design on. It is quite fun though. In our Poundland, they also did a silver, gold  & purple version. None of them however have an names, so I can't give you any more details.

If you have a Poundland, or a Poundworld near you, please go check it out. Talking with other girls, it seems to vary in different areas. You may be lucky & find some good bargains. I've also managed to get rhinestones & nail art pens. Yay for the random pennies you find in your coat. It's only a pound, so you don't even have to feel guilty. 
Let me know what goodies you discover.

I'll be doing the next challenge either tomorrow or Sunday, so until then...

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  1. I've seen that chit-chat one - lovely glittery colours! It's like the one I got from Claire's! X