Friday, 1 March 2013

Challenge 10 - Blue!

Hi Girls!


We have new kittens at The Kitten Cam which gives me something to watch whilst I do my nails. They are adorable. I love black cats!

This weeks challenge is BLUE! I'm not the biggest fan of the colour blue. I used to love it as a kid, then I grew out of my tomboy stage & became more girly. I don't actually have a huge blue selection in my nail polish collection
 I was going to do a blue ocean type design, then I saw Sammy at The Nailasaurus had done this, & after seeing her AMAZING mani, there was no way I was going to touch that one, not without a lot of practice (& tears!)

In the end, I've gone with a simple gradient. As I've said before, it's something I struggle with so will use any excuse to practice the technique.

I don't have hairy fingers. Just a fluffy white cat who has fur that gets EVERYWHERE!

I used Sally Hansens 'Navy Baby' & a silver L&B polish. I still need to work on my sponging, as it still has sponge marks which is annoying.

As you know I'm a big SH fan, however I find the darker shades stain my skin like I've never known. As you can tell, I might have got a bit OTT on the clean up, & then I led in a bath for an hour. I think I've managed to do a good enough job.

You may also be able to tell I broke the nail on my little finger. Sad Face. He's being held together by some nail glue but this weekend I will have to sort him out as  he's a tad ugly, poor fella.

One last thing. My Mum thinks she has a spare camera lying around. This means I get a hand me down & may finally be able to get some decent photos of my manicures, which will make easier viewing too.

Good times.

EDIT: I almost forgot, please go visit my lovely friend, Kathie's Blog. She's pretty awesome.


  1. I think this is your best gradient yet! I'm on my phone so can't view pics in full but they look really smooth and clean! Love the colours too. SO excited for blue week!

  2. Kay, love these! I love how both the polishes you've picked are shimmery and how well they blend together. I still need to decide what to do for blue, I have no ideas yet! X

  3. Yey Kay! This rockssss. Love the colours, that silver is gorgeous, it doesn't look like just two colours! You're too hard on yourself, you're awesome! x

  4. Gorgeous! I think this is a great gradient :Dx