Friday, 29 March 2013

Sinful Swatching.

Hi Girls.

I have no nail art today, but I do have a couple of swatches.

A friend of mine bought a few Sinful Colors (Colour*) from Boots, but didn't like them so she passed on to me. I believe they are £1.99 in Boots, so cheap & cheerful. I'm never one to turn down free polish, so I said yes, maybe before she even finished her sentence!

I thought I'd share my own opinion of two of the shades I was given.

First of all, we have Nail Junkie:

(Please excuse blurring of photos, the only place in the flat with decent lighting is the kitchen, & it's bloody cold in there!!)

I was ridiculously excited about this one. Whilst I DESPISE removing glitter polish this look awesome. Sadly, this took FIVE coats, just to get the opacity I wanted. It's ridiculously watery, & I ended up having drops fall on my hand, despite trying to wipe off all the excess so I could only do thin coats. Still, despite ending up a bit too thick, it was so pretty & the glitter really caught the light.
I think in this case, you really do get what you pay for. And yes, it was a BITCH to remove!

Secondly, we have You Just Wait:

If I thought the last one was ridiculously hard to get opaque, this one was a surprise! Again it's watery, & this took SIX coats, plus Sally Hansens Lavender Cloud as a base! I was expecting pretty shimmer. Something pretty. Instead, I got this. Don't get me wrong, if you angle it at the sun just right, it has a slight shimmer, other wise it's just underwhelming. Despite thin coats, it still ends up ridiculously thick.

Basically, I would buy the first one at the price of £1,99, but this one just didn't cut it. It was horrible to apply, took forever to dry, & looks boring. 

I have a couple of untried polishes I want to do swatches of. It will be nice to know exactly what they look like on the nail, so it's easier to decide when doing something arty.

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