Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Quick Note!

Hi girls!

I'm afraid I haven't got anything to photograph my manicures with right now, so it's a little quiet here. I am working on my Mother though.

It's surprising how quickly you get used to blogging. I feel a little lost without it.

I have some amazing news though. I may have mentioned before, that my eldest cat Dennis has diabetes. I am desperately looking for a job right now, as we really need the cash & I'm bored out of my mind.
I made a WISH LIST on Amazon, Sunday night. Just to pass the time. I shared it on my Facebook, purely because I was amused that so much of it contained things for my cats. I've obviously reached crazy cat lady status at 25!
Anyway, I've had such a huge response. So many people have chosen to help us out. Our cats have been spoiled & have lots of food on the way!

I'm hoping this luck continues & someone offers me a job, & I manage to sort something out for this weeks challenge so I can actually photograph them.

To finish off, have a photo of my babies. I love them lots. Dennis is the black one & Freya is the fluffball.

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  1. Kay, that's lovely. It shows just what a nice place the internet can be. Fingers crossed you get a job offer too, that would just round off your March nicely. ;-)

    P.S. Do you mind if I do a little blog spotlight on your blog on mine? I've don't normally comment because I don't know much about naily stuff, but I'd kind of like to give you a shout out, would that be okay? :-)

  2. Hey, of course that is okay. I'd feel honoured. :)