Sunday, 20 January 2013

Challenge 4 - Orange Nails

How is it time for the next challenge already?!

I'm currently feeling so poorly. I've managed to escape every lurgy going this Winter, but some germy gits have got me. I can never get just a simple cold, it always has to go straight to my chest. I have asthma & Scarring on my lungs, so if it gets to them, I really suffer. I currently feel like I have a rice crispy in my right lung, a lot of snap, crackle & popping.
The reason I shared this with you, is so you can understand why this challenge has been the hardest yet. Nail Varnish fumes are a killer. As are the fumes from Acetone. Lots of coughing, but once I have an idea, I have to go with it, so I soldiered on.

I had a completely different idea at the beginning of the week, using rhinestones. I then googled & cam up with this instead, using tips from lots of different photos & mashing them together.
Like I've previously said, I'm not a fan of plain manicures, so here is my attempt at Orange:

Sadly, like my Mother pointed out, they don't look very Orange!In natural light, I promise you it's orange, with a bit of yellow. I haven't cheated!

I love Butterfly nail art, & have wanted to try it for a while, but never got the inspiration, & ignoring the bad lighting, I'm quite proud of these. Yay!

I didn't take photos of the steps I took, but I did manage to take a photo of everything I used.

Even in this photo, my Orange doesn't look very Orange. How annoying.

Can't wait to see what the other girls have come up with!

I will be doing a mid-week post, as my new Konad Stamping kit arrived. So I'll do a review on that.

Catch ya laters.



  1. These are so 100% professional looking Kay! I'd love to try this but I'd never get it half as good as you have managed. Absolutely stunning! You rock my nail-art-world :-D Xx

    1. They're surprisingly easyyy! I heart you though. <3 x

  2. How did you do it then? Is the base like an orange/yellow gradient? And then black nail art pen/brush over the top for the detail? I totally wouldn't be able to do it! Adding it to my list of things to try though x

    1. White base, then orange on top so it stood out more. Couple of lines with black nail art pen, then using a fine brush, splodged some really cheapy yellow in between the lines. xxx