Monday, 7 January 2013

Challenge 1 - New Years Eve Nails

The first challenge was using the prompt New Years Eve. I was very spoilt at Christmas so had lots of new Nail Art toys to play with, including new pens & brushes. Before I had got along with using cocktail sticks, (which are amazing little tools to use when you don't have the proper set.)

I ended up doing two designs, as the first I wasn't happy with. It went completely wrong, & it was nearing midnight so I couldn't start again. I'll share with you, as you can see the direction I was planning to go with my idea:

You can see how I wanted to have the 2013 on each nail, but I'd used the wrong brush, & in complete laziness, just tried painting over it in red. It didn't work & I lost my temper & went to bed.
It's a huge learning  curve trying to figure out what brush is best for what design, I'm slowly getting there though.

The Second design I was a lot more happier with. I made sure I had plenty of time & completed one nail at a time. Technically, I did this after New Years, but that's the beauty of having a week to do a challenge. You can go a completely different direction half way through, & end up with something you're a bit more proud of.

I maybe should have tried cleaning it up a bit before the photo sesh, but I will admit I'm rubbish at that. I end up taking half the design off, so tend to wait til I have my bath the next morning, where it comes off beautifully.
I really had the chance to play with my different brushes & pens. Whilst it's not to an amazing standard, I really was proud of this one.

I really enjoyed looking at the other girls designs, it's amazing how we all have different interpretations, & how our nails end up.

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