Thursday, 24 January 2013

Taste The Rainbow...Matte Style!

Hi all,

I've contradicted myself this evening. I said I don't do plain nails, but that is exactly what I've done tonight on the lovely Megan. However I have plans for them tomorrow, so they wont be plain for long.

I love pastel colours, they are by far my favourite shade to play with. I had good reason to go plain. I treated myself to a Matte top coat.
Matte nails are gorgeous, & after the lovely Saz did a post about Rimmels top coat, I had to have the same.

I couldn't decide on just one colour, so thought What The Hell & went for different ones. I always do a white base coat, as I find it brings out the colours that much more.

(Excuse the state of the bottles, I make A LOT of mess when water Marbling)

Thankyou for all your tips on the tidy up process. It really helped a lot. Will take a lot of practise, but I'll get there.
As you can see, the finish on these are quite glossy, which I admit it lovely, but I really did want to see how the top coat made them look like.

The result:

It's stunning! I love it so much. It crazy how one top coat can change the appearance so drastically. Having this have pretty much DOUBLED my nail polish collection, which all us girls know is never a bad thing.

I got the top coat in Boots for around £4.60. Worth every single penny. Rimmel have really outdone themselves. The brush is HUGE & the application is so easy it  makes you think it must be too good to be true. Currently, I have nothing but good things to say about it. Hopefully it will be long lasting, & wont go gloopy really quick, as that would be disappointing, yet at this price, can't complain too much.

I will do another post tomorrow night hopefully, to show you how I'm planning on prettying this guys up!

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  1. yay matte topcoat! I'm just about to try mine over pale pink, judging from your post I think it'll look good! Glad you managed to get it, Megan's nails look fab x x