Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thunder Bolts & lightening, very, very frightening...

Hi everyone!

I've wanted to try this manicure since I discovered (Who everyone should go and follow. Like, Seriously, go now!

She is an amazing artist, & I am indeed jealous of her skills. She is also lovely enough to do tutorials, which is what I used to do her lightning nails. (Tutorial here)

I am SO annoyed with myself. I've been working so hard to try & make my manicures tidy, & these were so nearly there. I tried cleaning, & it STAINED my skin! I used acetone, and warm water, but was so worried about ruining the design, I've thought sod it, so please just excuse the mess.

Of course, nowhere near as good as the tutorial. My lines aren't precise enough, & my accent finger went so wrong after making my boyfriend a cup of tea, that instead of starting again I just covered up with the purple.

As you can see, I'm sticking to Sally Hansen, & I used Fairy Teal & Anenome of Mine. The top coat was part of a cheapy set from Sainsburys. It is pretty amazing though!

I will definitely try this one again, as well as the other Tutorials. Housework is done, so I have the afternoon to try out different designs. Yay!

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  1. I really like this, Kay! I think the zigzags look really neat and I love those two colours - must have a look for that dark greenish colour especially! Shame it stained your fingers, it's hard to remove it from around your cuticles without messing up the nail-art isn't it! :-(
    I wanna try this though! X