Monday, 28 January 2013

Challenge 5 - Stripes Part 2

Aaaand, she's back! So has I stated in last post, I wasn't happy with my attempt, and can I state for the record... I HATE STRIPES.

I've had another go after receiving some striping tape of the gorgeous Saz, & Jesus, isn't that stuff fiddly! I think even the cat was laughing at me!

So, using tape, here is another attempt:

It's not great, & it is my first attempt at using striping tape. As you can see in the second photo, I used Sally Hansons complete salon manicure in 460 - Thinking of Blue & 420 - Yellow Kitty. Both of which I got from Poundland after seeing a blog post from Sammy - The Nailasaurus (Although if you're a nail art fan, you already follow her, as she is just amazing!)
I'd seen the products in Poundland before, but didn't bother as Polishes I'd brought from there had been baaaad. Sammy convinced me, & wow! I now have a new favourite brand, & for only a QUID! They're one coat only & go on like a dream. I'm really trying to improve on my overall finish, as I'm the tidiest person in the world, & these help so much. So GO, GO, GO! Off to Pound land with you!

& of course, as I'm obsessed with my Rimmel Matte, I had to topcoat with my baby:

I'm still amazed at the huge different it makes to a manicure. I freaking love it.

I am really am trying hard to get a perfect finish, & whilst I'm not there, I really think I'm improving, so again, thanks for your tips.

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They're pretty amazing!

Catch you laters


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  1. I love the zig-zag effect! But haha yeah it's so fiddly, I thought I'd never go through three whole rolls! Love these Kay x x