Friday, 11 January 2013

Painting the town Pink & Black.

I've had itchy fingers! I've really wanted to do a blog post that wasn't entirely to do with the year challenge.

So what does any self respecting twenty five year old girl do on a Friday evening? She puts on her jim jams & paints her nails of course.

To tell the truth, I actually started last night, but nothing was going right. I'd figured out a design whilst washing up, I even drew it on a piece of paper, but would it go right? Bollocks would it. I had a little play around this afternoon, & still nothing was working. I googled, I nearly growled at friends putting up photos of their newly painted nails, wondering why I couldn't figure anything out. This of course led to a grown woman having a bit of a tantrum of sulking.

I don't know about anyone else, but when I have a sulk, I do everything a bit half arsed. A friend has left all her nail polishes at mine, as I do her nails for her anyway, so I was just playing around with her Christmas ones, and I discovered the most beautiful pink. I now know how Columbus must have felt.

I'm a big fan of pink & black, and since getting into nail art, I find a plain manicure a bit boring, so there will always be two colours.
Ten minutes later, I ended up with this:

Granted it's not great,  like I said, it only took me ten minutes. Isn't it the most beautiful shade of pink you've ever seen? 
If I had pennies, I know the perfect outfit I would wear with these nails, were I to go out. However, I shall not solely depend on cleavage power to ensure I'd actually get a drink.

These will of course be coming off this weekend, & I shall be posting my nail challenge! Exciting. I've already done one, as I had two different ideas. The one I'm going to attempt tomorrow, will most likely end with me in tears, as I've lost the photo I had, so will be trying to do it from memory. Trust me when I tell you I couldn't work out how it was done when I had the bloody pic in front of me, let alone from memory.

I promise, that regardless how big a cock up I make, I'll post a pic. I always feel a little downhearted at seeing perfect nail blogs. I'm still learning, & want to know that even amazing artists go wrong a few times. 

Catch you at the weekend.x

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  1. These are so nice, the colour combination makes the gorgeous pink really stand out!
    Can't wait to see your polka-dot nails (although I know mine won't go well, I'm more excited for the orange challenge next week!)