Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die...

Good Morning!

I ended up in bed all day yesterday, which seems to have done me a bit of good, as the Kay!Flu (As it is medically known) is feeling a bit better. Unfortunately, it also means I am pretty much nocturnal right now. Not much to do during they night, so yay for Nail Art.

I just want to point out, I cheat. My nails have never been strong. I've tried for years to get them in a decent condition, even refraining from painting them for a couple of years. I've tried every trick in the book, & nothing has worked. So now I wear UV gel extensions. I know, not going to be helping my nails at all. I love longer nails though, I have tiny hands, which also mean tiny, yet chubby fingers. Longer nails make my whole hand look much prettier. I do my own extensions, but I've only been learning since just after Christmas, so as you can see from photos, my nails don't always look 'normal' I've also got some growth, which I need to fix. hopefully it's not too noticeable.

I went into New Look Monday, & they had some polishes on sale. To be honest, I was expecting much from it. It was quite pretty, but it was only a pound, which don't always mean good quality. I do love being surprised though.

I wanted to play with my Konad set again, & came up with this:

As I've said in a previous post, even if I'm not happy, I'll post a photo anyway. I'm still learning, so what better way to see how I improve than to have photographic proof. I love the base coat, it's so pretty & only took two coats. 

I've obviously still got a lot to learn when it comes to stamping. I definitely need to work on my placement, & not worry too much about it drying too quickly. I also have to make sure I scape all excess off the plate, otherwise, as you can see on my ring finger, it will go on the stamp, & then go onto the nail. Very annoying. Still, it is such a quick and easy way to jazz up your design. 

Everyone needs to get a kit, even if it is just a starter kit.

I do have a question for fellow bloggers. Clean ups. I see so many blogs where the clean up is beautiful. I currently use Pure acetone & a cotton bud, but I don't seem to be very successful. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it a lot. 

I have my next post lined up, this whole blizzard thing England has going on is keeping me in the house, but giving me plenty of time to play with my nails.

Catch you laters.



  1. I use pure acetone and a small brush. It takes a while but I try to paint my nails as neat as I can in the first place so there's minimal to clean up! It's hard work though and it's taken me a lot of practice.

  2. I love how neat and exact the stamping looks! Good colour combo X

  3. I clean up using pure acetone & a cotton bud - acetone and paintbrushes don't always mix well (ruined a brush, oops - not a cheap one either!) - it works pretty well for me, I think a lot of it is painting technique too. I used to make such a HUGE mess when painting my nails but now I've done it so much there's really not a lot of mess to clean up at all. IT also helps just to take your time with it, move your hand as well as the cotton bud to get into all the corners.

  4. I find also if you don't go right down to the cuticle when you paint the nails it's easier - if the nail varnish gets all gammed up around your cuticle it's really hard to clean up without ruining the varnish... so if you try to leave like a milimetre at the bottom of each nail they seem to turn out neater and need less cleaning!