Monday, 7 January 2013

The Pilot


Every American TV show I've ever watched has had their first episode named 'The Pilot' So I figured, what the hell, Why can't my first ever blog post go with the same format!

I've been bombarding my my poor Twitter followers with photos of my Nail Art. Whilst some may enjoy it, I'm not sure everyone feels the same. A couple of friends have started Blogs so again with the 'Figured, What the Hell' (Which seems to be a growing philosophy in my life.)

I'm part of a year long nail art challenge, & want to keep it all together. Most Bloggers follow the 31 day challenges, but I'm not a fan. I'm pretty much a perfectionist, & will spend a while on each design. It's pretty heartbreaking cleaning a design your proud of every 24 hours, So myself & a few awesome girls have created the year long challenge. Taking ideas from a few different challenges popular online, the idea is to do a challenge every weekend.

I'm not going to lie, I'm crazy excited for this. I care for my disabled boyfriend, & needed something to do for me, that I could do at home & is cheap & cheerful. I fell into Nail Art by accident, but like all great romances, it was love at first sight, with a little bit of angst along the way. (angst = me losing my temper when it goes wrong)

I'm hoping over the next year my skills will have improved tenfold, & I'll have photos to see them grow.

So Welcome to my Blog

PS: Go check out these blogs: Saz' Blog! & Bobs Blog They will be doing the same Blog as myself, & they're AMAZING!

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