Saturday, 3 August 2013

Challenge 24 - Metallic

Oooh, Saturday!

I did some housework this morning, & I'm cooking a roast dinner, but I've made time to play with my nails! I have been moisturising them like crazy to try & feel better about battering them with so much polish & acetone.

This morning I got round to doing metallic nails. I've only got one metallic polish, which sounds sad in itself. This is where stamping plates come in use.

This may be the easiest manicure I've ever done! I quite like the results of it too!

I used Sally Hansens Navy Baby as the base, & then Barry M's Gold foil for the stamping. I sealed with a crappy unbranded top coat, & Ta Da! Nail Art!

I will sort out using the lightbox a friend & I cleverly created. I'm terrible at taking photos in the kitchen. Despite my job being a solderer since I was 20, & the fact I love nail art, when it comes to taking photos, my hands do some weird shaking dance.

I'm a bit sad to take this design off, but I am determined to catch up! I have an idea for the next challenge, though it may make me lose my temper.

Time to be a grown up. Must wash up, sort out the roast, wash up, then I shall play again! Woo!

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