Monday, 1 April 2013

An OPI & W7 tragic love story.

Hi Girls.

I'm writing this in the past! Oooh! It's Sunday right now, but I'm being very efficient and doing a few swatches today.

I received OPI's The Top Ten minis from a lovely lady who saw it on my wishlist. I have only ever owned cheap polishes, so it's been so exciting have the more expensive ones on my desk.

I haven't wanted to open it, and have been just staring loving at it, but this week is all about the swatch!

Today, I'm using Alpine Snow. When it comes to whites, I usually like using them as a base colour, so they make my polish stand out, but I couldn't use this one for that purpose, it's worth too much!

As I have mentioned before, I have a Persian Chinchilla. She is so fluffy & her fur gets everywhere. I didn't actually realise 'til I was uploading the photos that I seem to have some Freya stuck to my nail, so it looks very uneven.

The polish it'self went on smoothly. This only took two coats, but I could have easily gotten away with just the one. It was the perfect consistency, & my only niggle was that the brush was tiny. It is a mini though, so it would be near impossible to have a decent size brush, so I can easily forgive OPI for this.

Whilst I'm getting used to the idea of plain manicures, I'm just not a fan of plain white. So, I had a rummage and found a W7 Crackle polish I had bought in Poundland, but had not yet opened.

I'm really not a fan of crackle polishes, but as it was only a quid, I thought I'd give it a go. My mind hasn't been changed. I think the finish is messy and ugly. The colour is very pretty, & I wish I owned this colour in a standard polish. Still, it jazzed up the white for the ten minutes I kept it on.

So in conclusion, Alpine Snow is pretty, the W7 was a very bad influence, & destroyed the looks of the gorgeous polish. A tragic end to a beautiful beginning.

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