Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Kiss Me On The Tulips!

Hi, Girls!

Todays OPI swatch is Kiss Me On The Tulips. Now, this is my kind of shade. It's bright, fun & a little bit sexy.

These photos were taken Sunday evening, so as it got colder, it seemed to affect the smoothness of the polish on the nail. That's my excuse anyway. I know my hands were shaking. We have no heating, so brrr.
Still, it's a charming shade. Whilst I love the colour, I'd already done two plain manicures, so I wanted to add a little something else. I'd found this Maybelline polish in the 99p shop a while back, so used that on my accent nail, it has teeny tiny bits of glitter in, which you can only see when you move your nail. This still cheers me up. Both Polishes have such a shiny finish, that the photos don't do them justice, You can even see my reflection in a couple of the pics. It's not a flaw in the nail, it's ME!

As expected for 99p, the Maybelline isn't the best to apply. It's very thick & clumpy, you either have to much on the brush, or not enough. I do adore the colour though.

The OPI, like the previous swatches went on lovely. This was only two coats, which meant it took a matter of minutes, which is fantastic to know!

Another Swatch tomorrow, so look out for that.

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