Monday, 1 April 2013

OPI Neutrals.

Hi Girls.

Today will be my first day at work. So nervous! (Edit: I'm writing this today, 02/04, & yes, I'm nervous haha)

I've done two swatches for today, two of the minis from the OPI The Top Ten set. I'm putting these two together as they're both pretty neutral shades.
I'm not a huge fan of the neutral nail. I know they are subtly beautiful, but when I look at them, they never put a smile on my face as the more in your face brands do.

First up is Bubble Bath:

The batteries on my camera died half way through the photos, & whilst changing them, my index &  middle nails stuck together. I probably should have waited for them to dry fully, but I want to get a few more swatches in today.
This is quite a subtle pink, & it is pretty, but it takes quite a few coats to get any opacity to it.

Next up is Tickle My France-y

Despite only taking a few photos of this shade, I actually like this one quite a bit. I did take more, but it's getting chilly & they were coming out too blurry.
Yes, it is neutral, but it almost has a multiple personality. I basically looked at my nails & though "Ooooh, shiny!" This didn't need a top coat at all, & only three coats to get the desired opacity. Sometimes, things in life require you to have muted nails, & I think this will be my go to polish for such occasions.
Again, it applied liked a dream, dried in a reasonable time, & as I said, shinyyyyy.

What are your favourite shades? Are you a neutral girl? A neon girl? Let me know. I'm naturally nosy.

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  1. Love both of these, especially the second one. I really want a light pink that isn't really pastel - something more muted - like that! I can't justify buying OPI, but I'll look for something similar.

    Hope work went okay x x