Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Challenge 20 - Inspired by a book.


This challenge was inspired by a book. I love reading, but didn't want to do anything so simple like Harry Potter. In fact, I was totally uninspired by this challenge.

I ended up looking at my bookcase, & seeing if anything caught my eye. I wish that something had been one of those books you own purely so house guests will see it & automatically think you are well cultured & bordering on genius. Instead, sorry, chic lit it was.

I do actually love this book quite a bit. Sometimes a girl just needs a good trashy book to escape from the world for a bit.

This is definitely not one of my better manicures. I really want to make sure I do every challenge, & catch up so I can be back on target of doing them weekly & being able to do whatever I fancy in between. This was a ten minute jobby type thing.

(As you can see, my boyfriend does not appreciate good literature & uses my girly books as a place to put his tea!)

Yes, not too great, but as I said, really quick mani! I'm getting there!

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