Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Challenge 19 - Rainbow Nails! (Guest post)

I'm on a roll! 

Rainbow nails! These were done by my beautiful friend, Quinlan, Who, as you will see, is awesome. I shall pass you over to her!

AHOY MATEYS.  I'm taking over this here blog for the week!  I was actually invited to do so by Kayleigh herself, so I suppose this makes me a pretty bad pirate.  My name is Quinlan, you can call me Quin, or Q, or whatever you like as long as it's nice.  I'm from South Carolina, which makes me an American *flags and guns and eagles HUZZAH!*

I was very honored to be asked to do a guest blog, as nail art is not exactly my forte (as you will soon see).  I just don't paint my nails often enough to master nail art.  I didn't use any kind of acrylic nails, which is why they are so uneven.  This week's theme is "rainbow" I used a stippling technique to layer the colors and make a "confetti" effect.  I randomly alternated colors on my left hand until all my nails were covered.  On my right hand, I followed more of the standard ROYGBIV rainbow order, just in monochromatic stippling on each fingernail.  I had a lot of pink polish so I kind of threw that in there on my thumb.

Nail polishes used:  WAY too many to name.  See the photo provided!

I hope you enjoyed my attempt at nail art.  Now go get you some BOOTY, ARGHHHHH!



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