Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Challenge 15 - Black & White nails


I didn't realise how far behind I am on the challenge. Bollocks! Going to take a while to catch up.

This is just a quickie, something to try & get me back into the habit of doing my nails.

My Birthday was on the 16th & a friend bought me Rio Lace Nail Foils. I tried them how on her on Monday but couldn't get it right. I figured I'd just stick with an accent nail when I tried it on myself, which I managed to get right.

The annoying thing about this, is there is no clear indication which side down you're meant to stick the foil, or if there is, I'm blind to it. Still, it's pretty, & the adhesive reminds me of primary school!

There is only one photo as my camera has run out of batteries so I had to see what I could do with my phone.

I actually painted my nails black at the weekend, so there is a little bit of wear

Hopefully the next mani will have a bit more oompf!

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